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How To Care For Your Hair

Every wig you purchase is an investment and investments need nurturing.

As with any wig, you’ll need a small collection of products to keep your wig looking its best. For our human hair units, here’s a list of essential tools:

Block head or wig stand - For styling and storage.
T-pins - For securing the wig to the block head
Paddle brush - For smoothing tangles
Blow dryer - For drying, of course!
Round brush - For proper blow-drying
Hair mousse and kera care wax stick- For keeping your wig looking gorgeous

When it comes to washing, don’t under or over wash your wig. If you wear it daily, wash it every 10 days. If it isn’t your daily piece, aim for every 6 to 8 wears. We recommend using minimal products on the hair to keep it light and silky.

Before washing, give your wig a good once-over. Search for any tangles and remove them gently with your paddle brush starting from the bottom upwards.

As with any wig, you’ll want to cleanse and condition the unit. Keep it simple and easy with the Tresemme Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.