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Q: How long will my wig last?

Our hand made wigs are designed to last up to 3 years. The key to a long lasting wig is great maintenance. For tips on how to care for your SEIHSI purchase, click here for our hair care section.

No problem!

First step is to ensure your hair is braided back and you have a wig cap on. Next step is to apply lace tint or face powder to your lace.

Next, flip your unit upside down with the wig cap facing upwards (hold onto the sides of the wig as you do this). Then, you put your head into the unit and lift your head upwards, adjusting the elastic band to sit at the bottom of your head.

Ensure the wig is sitting comfortably, adjust as required. Lastly, grab your scissors and carefully cut the lace to match your hairline. Once cut you’re all ready to go! Only apply glue if desired. 

You can also head  over to our Instagram page where we have step by step tutorials on how to install your wig from start to finish @seihsiandco.

Yes, the SEIHSI wigs are designed to be glueless. However, you can glue your unit down using the hair glue of your choice. We recommend using Got to Be glue spray or glue or alternatively using Bold Hold glue.

The best way to remove the SEIHSI wig is by using a towel dipped into warm water and pressing the towel onto the areas where you have used the glue. Once the lace is damp, gently lift up the lace from your head and wash the remaining glue off of the lace using face wash and water. Pat dry with a towel. Please ensure you wash the glue off the lace once removed by dabbing rubbing alcohol on the lace and washing lace with shampoo and warm water.